Part 5: Real Kratom Leaf

Have you ever held an original kratom leaf straight from its native habitat? I have. The journey was long, sweaty, and mosquito ridden. The end goal?

Totally worth it.

Not many kratom advocates can claim they went all the way to Indonesia to trace the plant back to its roots, build a foundation of trust with the native people, and come back with lifelong relationship that promises real kratom from real people who we trust and who trust us back. We were the first westerners to go this far to hold real kratom, to witness their process in producing the powder, and to care about the people behind the product.StraightfromtheJungle

Trust goes a long way with the Indonesian people, who, once they know you and trust your intentions, are much more likely to sell you additive free product with absolutely no fillers.

Going to Indonesia with like-minded people, like those at Infinity Supplements, was an opportunity of a lifetime. The founders of Kratom Infinity wanted the real thing, and they wanted to be authentic with their product, making sure their customers received the best kratom possible. The best way to do that?

Witness it for yourself from the source. Touch the smooth surfaces of the leaves, feel the edges, notice the color of the vein, and look closely at the unique seeds of the plant. Talk to the natives who produce it on a daily basis, discuss their process as they show you different kratom trees and the stages of their growth, and listen as they tell you all they know. Hear the pride in their voice, and know that the mosquitoes, the muck of the jungle, the long flight, the long boat ride, all of it was worth it.