Part 4: Straight from the Jungle

We didn’t have to go far to make it into the jungle where the ground quickly grew damper and to go forward, we had to wade through knee deep water barefoot. I could romanticize this, but I want to make sure I let you in on some of the grimy details. As epic as it is to tell the story,  it was not without its inconveniences. I was lucky I didn’t fall face down in the mud as a result of the varying layers of muddy, uneven ground. I smacked myself so many times, whether leaf or mosquito, because of the constant biting and itching sensation I had the entire time.  

We witnessed firsthand the difficulty and dedication it takes for kratom to get into the hands of people in America and around the world. Every day, the jungle farmers wade through this water and fight of swarms of mosquitoes to get to where the jungle kratom grows. Harvesting the leaves and collecting the leaves that are at the right stage is incredibly influential in the quality of the leaf and the quality of the final product.  The kratom trees were everywhere, some tall, reaching 12 feet or more above our heads, and some young trees at waist height, and it was easy to see that the jungle provides enough kratom to sustain the type of business we had been hearing about throughout our journey.