Tips and Advice: Kratom Users and Sellers

Don’t be offended, just think about the big picture.

If/When you want to advocate for kratom:

1)For the love of all that is good, check your grammar, your spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and wording in social media posts, on packaging, and in ads. People don’t trust people who can’t spell. Be professional with your words.

2)Brush up your profile pictures and sites to look professional. If you want kratom to stay legal, then you want it to be useful to all kinds of people in all areas of life. We don’t want it to look like tobacco, weed, or other drugs, because it is not a drug. It is a plant, and if you want to keep it around it needs to be marketable outside of head shops. 

3)Revise your labeling and packaging. Aim for professional quality (stay away from head shop type material, bubble letters, and weird names that can lead people to the wrong conclusions.)

4)Stay away from neon colors. Certain colors can present a mental connection that people are unaware of. For example, green is a good color for a plant product, but not the acidic green. Associations are really important. We want people to associate kratom with healing and wellness, not getting high.

5)Sellers: Don’t mix different types of kratom and call it something else to make more money. Honestly, you’re not a mixologist and you are declining the possibilities for kratom’s success in our country for the future.

6)Users: If people tell you that there are types of kratom besides the typical Red, Green, White, or Yellow (including horned and fermented), don’t trust the sellers. If they are selling kratom with a unique name or call it a “blend” or something else, this is not a different type of kratom, but it is likely a mixture of kratom, and/or other filler items to give it a different effect. This is unsafe. The Indonesians that I know specifically told me this when I visited, saying that Americans just want to make money and one way to make more is by selling the false idea that there are many more kinds of kratom than there actually are.

7)Sellers: Don’t diagnose. You’re not a doctor, unless you are.

8)Buyers: Consult a trusted Naturopath doctor before taking kratom, especially if you are taking another prescription drug.

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